The Bottle!

Crav Bottle Sample 1.rtfd

Please Don’t Spit!

Betty proves she will only drink the best! Crāv Vodka!

Crāving a Super Game!

The people at Crāv were very excited about the Super Bowl last night. It is a wonderful stage for the closest thing we have to gladiators! We had a nice time at the Rise Above It Super Bowl Bash! Good Fun for a Good Cause!

More Delicious Samples From DRInc.!

A Little Grain Ola Goes a Long Way!

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Super Bowl! Super Bowl!

Crāv will be represented by it President, Tom Rini at the Rise Above It Super Bowl Party at The Blind Pig in Cleveland on Super Sunday! Party starts at 3:00!

I missed you!

Crāv Vodka is moving in a very exciting direction! In the last two months we have found a Sales Team in IAO Management, A Advertising Team in Ignite Advertising and have several proposal from PR firms throughout the Greater Cleveland Area. Also, we are working on a partnership with Rise Above It, a nonprofit organization that helps to raise awareness and money in an effort to address the more than 70,000 yearly cases of adolescent cancer!

It has been an exciting time and we look to be on the shelves in May 2011!


Our goal is to give the distinguished vodka connoisseur an opportunity to indulge themselves in a drink that will add passion to their life!

Some more Frosting for you?

Embrace Your Passions!